Jeff Bezos*… and You?

The Kid and her hat

On a bright, sunny Wednesday afternoon here in north Delaware, I printed out all the entries received in the Maximum Customer Experience Word-of-Mouth Birthday Giveaway, and placed them in two piles: Cool Giveaway for new friends, and Even Cooler Giveaway for awesome Fans of MCE.

My thanks to all of the readers who took the time to enter, to wish MCE a Happy 300th, and to spread the word about the blog and the birthday giveaway. My favorite comment of the week was from Eyeteaguy: “You’re getting 300 comments if I have to leave half of them myself. I love a challenge.” I hope you all had that much fun with it!

Leader and delegator that I am, I put The Kid in charge of the two drawings.

Translation #1: I didn’t want anybody yelling at me, and nobody yells at a cute kid with a purple hat.

Translation #2: She put herself in charge of it, because it’s her hat and why should I get all the fun and what is this for anyway?

It’s for cool books, Kid. Pull a name already. I’m getting cold out here.

The Kid pulls a name

With a flourish and a drum roll, the names she drew are:

Eyeteaguy, who loves when I call him Francis,** is the loyal reader who walks off with four of my favorite books for growing your business and leading the charge in your own life: Get Clients Now! by C.J. Hayden; Never Eat Alone by Keith Ferrazzi; A Whack on the Side of the Head by Roger von Oech; Tribes by Seth Godin.

Chris W., sent by Francis, runs away with one of my all-time favorite life-altering books: Never Eat Alone, by Keith Ferrazzi.

With full names and addresses of the lucky folks in hand (I’ll email shortly, gents), my friend Jeff Bezos will be sending said gifts from to places where I suspect, you might scoff at what The Kid and I called cold weather yesterday.

And for all the rest of you who’ve read through this post, a final gift:

Squirrel: Oh, nuts!

One of the junior auditors from Bear, Oso, and Ursa. Yes, he watched the whole procedure!

Nuts! Better luck next time, and keep coming back for more Maximum Customer Experience, dear readers!


Grow and be well,

Kelly Erickson

*Founder and CEO of

**Because that’s his name.