What Do You Do for a Living?

I’m a dentist

I own a bakery

I manage the parts department

I run a daycare

I’m a writer

I design yachts

It’s not much, is it? And I don’t care. I know plenty of others, just like you.

Should you think Broader…

I give you the confidence to LOL in RL

I make your wedding reception the talk of the town

We get your car running fast

We draw smiles on kids’ faces all day (and yours!)

I transport you to other worlds

I create drool-worthy summer vacations

Or Narrower…

I specialize in adult patients with dentist-phobia

We’ve done traditional cakes for the Polish community for over fifty years

We carry the hard-to-find part you need for your classic import muscle car

We’re the only daycare in town with specially-staffed newborn rooms

I write custom songs for proposing to your special someone

I design affordable yachts from recycled materials so you can live your dreams without mortgaging your future

Either way: One in a million, not one of a million.

Paint a picture of the big dreams that you’ll fulfill, or grab the customer who’s been wishing for someone to speak right to their very special needs. There are very successful businesses who define their Vision in each way, but very few who succeed wildly without choosing one path or the other. “I’m a dentist” just doesn’t create the raving fans you need to grow your business.

Let me ask you this—When you hear about a new business (or hear a new message from an old business), which method one grabs you? Why?


Grow and be well,

Kelly Erickson