Even Before You’ve Read What He Has to Say!

Folks, run-don’t-walk to When Growth Stalls, the site by ad man and author Steve McKee. He’s doing all right, as the president and founding partner of marketing firm McKee Wallwork Cleveland, so you’ll be tempted to say “of course his site’s great,” but you can steal these ideas right now, without needing to be a Big Successful Marketing Dude.

If you’ve been reading along, these 3 ideas are straight out of the Maximum Customer Experience playbook:

1. Brilliant use of minimalist typography. (Don’t yawn. Go have a look! It’s stunning.)

2. Dead-on, “I-gotta-have-what-he’s-selling” tagline.

3. Completely clear navigation. Simplicity itself. So use it, and go read his blog.

And yes, yes, you’re going to love the When Growth Stalls blog. We all need a dose of straight-up writing like Steve’s, daily.

Then c’mon back—what did you think of When Growth Stalls, before you even read a word of his great blog? Have you got a favorite site you love to steal borrow ideas from?


Grow and be well,

Kelly Erickson