Like Growth Serum for Your Small Biz…

  1. Ignore fads
  2. Be a trend of 1
  3. Be as essential as morning coffee
  4. Be yourself
  5. Toss what can’t be measured
  6. Toss what doesn’t give measurable results
  7. Know what you offer
  8. Shout about it
  9. Audit your Customer Experience regularly
  10. Listen to management
  11. Listen to staff
  12. Make real changes
  13. Give credit loudly
  14. Test on outsiders
  15. Assume we don’t read anything but the headline
  16. Romance us
  17. Ask a customer
  18. Get help
  19. Give praise
  20. Show more respect
  21. Show more joy
  22. Tell a story
  23. Clean it up
  24. Light it up
  25. Talk it up
  26. Look with fresh eyes
  27. Take a sniff
  28. Walk around
  29. Get out in the real world
  30. Get into the Internet
  31. Write thank-you notes
  32. Write a blog
  33. Comment on blogs (like this one?)
  34. Monitor what’s being said about you
  35. Be part of the conversation
  36. Beg friends
  37. Hire professionals
  38. Don’t be cheap
  39. Scrimp where it doesn’t show
  40. Be bold
  41. Be real
  42. Dress well
  43. Take vacations
  44. Take days off
  45. Give your staff a raise. Now.
  46. Expect excellence
  47. Or fire their butts
  48. Hold yourself to the same standard
  49. Reward excellence. Frequently. Loudly.
  50. Don’t compete on price
  51. Respond quickly
  52. More quickly than that
  53. Read a local newspaper every day
  54. Read Seth. And Andy. And Liz. Every day.
  55. Read one book every week.
  56. Start with this one.
  57. Ask for the sale (Hire VisionPoints when you’re ready for more targeted solutions)
  58. Ask for referrals (Tweet this, please)
  59. Say please
  60. Stop ruling
  61. Start leading
  62. Give ‘em what they want
  63. Don’t sell. Solve problems.


Grow and be well,

Kelly Erickson

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