Staying Above the Fray, Part 1

Confidence is catching

If you want to end your worries about “the competition,” stop worrying about the competition.

When you start a game of tit-for-tat with the competition it’s a sure signal that you’ve forgotten why you are unique.

You have no competition if you remember that and stay confident in it.

If you forget your uniqueness, how can you expect your staff to rave about you with all their hearts?

If you forget, how can you expect your clients to feel invested in you, to want to be a part of your success?

How can you expect your Ideal Customer to remember that you alone provide the Ideal Solution to their problem if you’ve forgotten it yourself?

I’ll tell you a secret to being your own best salesman (or -woman). I first heard it in pick-up basketball games in Worcester, Massachusetts long ago, where every great player was selling, fully convinced there was no competition at all:

It ain’t bragging if it’s so.

When you know what’s so great about you, you’ll be able to pass that knowledge on through the company and beam it out to your customers and prospects.

There’s nobody else like you, no other company like yours. Figure out why that IS true. And swagger like you mean it.

Having a hard time with this one? Try bragging about your favorite restaurant. Is it your favorite because there’s no other food in the region? Or because there’s no other place that…  ???

There’s nobody else like your fave not because there is no place else to eat, but because in some other way, they have no competition. So as you get ready to swagger, your job is to figure out: Why does your own company have no competition?


Grow and be well,

Kelly Erickson