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You’re trying to decide: Homey, friendly image, vs. polished, more established image. You’re still the same people. The polished image does not have to mean you forget to be friendly. It could very well mean a lot fewer hassles, though. Homey = pushovers in a lot of people’s minds.

What if the people you like to think are your clients, don’t want you at all?

What if you use such crazy terms that they don’t even know you at all?

When working on your website, pretend the yellow pages are still relevant. Try to be that simple and easy to find.

How do you reward your best customers?

Being a big fish in a small pond may still be your very best bet. Now the pond can be geographic, or it can be by your field, or by characteristics of your Ideal Customer, or any of a dozen other ways to define your small pond. Build critical mass there, then you can break out—with the help of the devotees you met in the small pond.

The number-crunchers in the advertising world would croak if they saw the conversion rates (to paying customers) on the boatloads of free stuff on the ‘net that’s supposed to entice us all to buy the big upsell. Don’t know if that’s good or bad.

“Are we really so shallow?” says a client to me.


“And is that okay?”

“It is what it is.”

Word of mouth is counting for less and less these days—except for real-life, person-to-person recommendations. Online, it seems like everyone’s got see-through motivations, so we’ve almost stopped listening.

In that real life—what’s the value of your network, and the network of your customers? Some aren’t worth very much. Number of contacts isn’t as relevant as whether those contacts would ever dicuss you with each other. (Imagine you’re an STD-specialist-doctor. How many people go around raving about the guy who cured them of their… oh, you get the point. You could have a pretty big network of former patients worth next to nothing.)

Metrics—really measuring success and failure rates—scares the dickens out of many of my clients. But how can we raise the bar if we haven’t measured where the bar is?

A peek inside my work this week. Please add your random thoughts on making the most of Customer Experience in the comments below!


Grow and be well,

Kelly Erickson