… before they’ve even started

The 3 Most Critical Pages on Your Business Website:




Repeat after me: Home. About. FAQs.

I know, I know. You like your fancy Services page. Hey, I like it too. It sells so well, once I get there. And those Product pages, those are great. So zippy, so to-the-point. But I don’t know you yet. You’re a small business, and I just got here. Believe it or not, though it’s awfully logical, I’m not going there first.

You like your blog. It’s got content! Search Engine Optimization! Thought gol-durned leadership and the sweat of your brow! All integrated with your business site like you heard you should!

I love it. And pretty pictures, too. Just riveting. When I’m wishing to kill a bit of time I really appreciate digging into your knowledge base. Really I do. Something from your content may even have drawn me here via search. The effort is not going unnoticed, but…

You want to make some sales on your website?




I have to know what you want to sell me, and care, before I leave the homepage.

If I care but don’t quite know I’ll give you another chance: I’ll go to the FAQs or the About page (about 50/50 which one I’ll choose, if they’re both easy to spot). Boy, you better tell me why I should care there.

If you are somehow very, very close to telling me what I want to hear, or I very, very much need what you (may) have, I’ll give you one more chance, and visit the About or FAQs that I didn’t choose the first time.

That’s it. If I don’t figure out how you can help me, feel drawn by your incredibly persuasive writing to let you solve my problem, and see frequent, gentle links within the text on those three pages to your services or products, I’ll forget your cute navigation bar had ways to go directly to what you offer. Back to Google.

Sounds crazy, huh?

I watch an awful lot of users test websites, dear reader. Heck, I research new websites just like yours constantly, and even knowing (as I do) that you have a cute nav bar, I find myself following the same pattern.

Hm… what’s here? Home.

That didn’t tell me much. But search brought me here for a reason… Well, who are they and why should I buy from them? About.

Jeez, maybe they’ll tell me what they sell when they’re telling everyone else. Surely “WHAT HAVE YOU GOT FOR ME?” is a Frequently Asked Question… FAQs.

Tell me. Tell me again. And yeah, then tell me again. Call me dense if you like, and repeat yourself for me. Forget that you’re bored, forget that you’re frustrated by having to find fresh ways to say it. If you make it hard for me to figure you out, I’m frustrated, and that’s the worst possible Customer Experience. Because it’s not only me walking away, it’s your potential sales.

Never assume I’ll follow your path through the site, and never forget: Home. About. FAQs.


Grow and be well,

Kelly Erickson