Did you notice?

Imagine’s a mighty powerful word.*

In copywriting class, the professor reminds you to get your reader to imagine the successful outcome of purchasing from you. Funny thing is, first you have to do the imagining, in order to write the copy that helps that reader’s imagination.

In every self-help book you can pick up, you’ll be advised to imagine you already have (the lady, or the career, or the healthy lifestyle, or the cottage in the mountains, or the productivity, or the empty laundry basket, or the Rolex and the chauffeur and the private jumbo jet with male models serving your rum and cokes… *ahem*) that you desire. It’s the first step in getting what you want.

Where would poetry, plays, art, film, and music be, if we didn’t imagine ourselves in the shoes of the narrator, the hero, or at least the fly on the wall?

For your business: Put on your imagining-cap today, dear reader. Imagine you had hundreds of articles at your fingertips, all ready to help your grow your business, and you wanted to read just a few… ones that can kick you into action or spin you into fresh thinking about what you do and why.

I hope this little round-up of goodies from the MCE vaults will help you imagine your business, thriving. Click around, catch up, leave comments, and come on back to discuss.

Imagine you need more sales right now. Would it be worth 30 minutes of your time? If you missed it (just this past Wednesday), DO make this quick post the start of your imaginings. Guaranteed to help you out.

Imagine you’ve got an idea that nobody’s ever tried for your business. You’re halfway to real innovation. Time to decide whether you should go your own way, or go the customer’s way.

Imagine your idea’s in place and you’re wondering—what’s the very the most important ad I’ll ever write, the one that will make everything else an easier coast or an uphill climb? Find out what it is and get tips on outdoing the Big Boys with yours.

Imagine your business growing without ever having to feel slimy about “being in business.” Can it be done? It can if you know a little something about the tides.

Imagine there are simple ways to extend your reach into your community without spending vast sums of money. Let Charlie show you how to get personal and have fun with it.

Imagine you’re scared. We all are at times. Believe it or not, that fear can power you forward. Embrace it!

Imagine your Ideal Customer. Oh, sorry, I’m getting ahead of myself. Need help imagining him or her? Read the three-part series that starts here.

Imagine you’d like to know where I go when I need snappy perspective as fresh as the waters of Nova Scotia. The whole Round Table series is filled with great inspirations, but I’d be pleased if you’d imagine a place in your email or RSS feed for these excellent writers. (Bonus: Imagine you were in on a bit of my summer fun when you click through.)

Imagine you—with fewer limits. Maybe all you need is a little help from Curtis Armstrong. He still helps me out several times a week.

Imagine you write a blog. Or you read blogs, and you want to know whether they’re any good for business. Or, heck—just imagine you want to know what it will take to get me to shave my head. If your imagination is running wild now, then this post’s for you.

If all that imagining got you wondering how I can help your blog or website, just click this link, where you can imagine what it would be like if your website actually did what you thought it would when you sprayed it out of the can of Blog-Wiz.

(No, I don’t know why that funky image came to my head at this moment. Maybe I’m working too hard…)

Imagine you work hard. REALLY HARD. Every. Doggone. Day. And right now, you need to see why someone else does it, because it just might remind you of why you do it. This post is my virtual hug to you, because we can’t be all go-go-go all the time, even when we’re after Maximum Customer Experience.

And if you’ll indulge me, while I imagine that may not have been enough to set your imagination on fire: here’s just a little bit more to help you kick ass.

Wow. You’ve got a heck of an imagination. No wonder you’re so good at what you do.

To keep this topic going a bit longer—I’d love to hear your tips or stories of business breakthroughs you’ve had when you let your imagination run free!


Grow and be well,

Kelly Erickson

*It’s amazing how that word “imagine” got you to click through! I promise not to make a habit of drawing you in with such strong language too frequently. The Kid is going to give me such a hard time if she spots this one!   😉

I couldn’t possibly let this go without a special musical guest: One who at times in his career would have hated being a part of this, and at times, might have gotten a big kick out of it. (Plus it’s one of The Kid’s favorite songs and it might help me get out of trouble when she reads the aforementioned title of this post.)

Imagine, 1971. The inimitable John Lennon.

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