Wednesday Words

To Go Where Your VisionPoints, a few inspiration points for you and your business.

I am a confirmed believer in blessings in disguise. I prefer them undisguised when I myself happen to be the person blessed; in fact, I can scarcely recognize a blessing in disguise except when it is bestowed upon someone else.
—Robert Lynd

Thanksgiving is almost here in the States. So today, this bit of realistic idealism from Irish writer Robert Lynd, which seems so perfect as we run to count our blessings out loud.

If yours are in disguise right now, dear reader, may a friend who loves you count them for you. They’re there.

And if your blessings are blissfully easy to see—stop and count for someone who’s feeling low. Sometimes spreading hope is even better than sharing an overhyped meal with our friends.

Though there’s nothing wrong with a little overhyped turkey.   πŸ™‚


Grow and be well,

Kelly Erickson