and I Have Got to Have You Now

It’s you.

I knew all along you were out there. Somewhere.

Before today, I thought about what you might be like. I wondered.

Tell the truth, I even Googled you. (Well, I Yahooed you, but you’d don’t seem to mind that I’m quirky like that!)

I found out all about you—and everyone who thinks they’re like you. I was kind of overwhelmed. There are a lot out there who think they’re like you. But on the day when it really counts, when the pain is strongest…

I have needs and there’s no one but you who can help me.

It’s not that you’re the only one in the world. I read up. I haven’t forgotten those others, and well, maybe in some ways I even prefer one of the other guys. Still, I want you in all the ways that count.

You are the only one in the world for me because:

  • You’re in the right location: you’re here, with me
  • or you popped up first-second-third on the Internet when I typed in a question about my needs
  • You take it easy, and you never sound desperate for me
  • You let me explain myself; I can tell it’s not going to be all about you with you
  • You’re stylish
  • You’re just my size
  • You’re so fresh
  • or you’re so comfortable and traditional
  • You’re ready now (not everyone is!)
  • You’re so exclusive there’s an aura about associating with you
  • or you’re cheap and almost inevitable
  • You’re in it for the long haul. You won’t let me down.

Most of all, you understand my needs. You look me right in the eye, and you talk about my deepest, darkest cravings as if you’ve made a study of me. You’re so smart I bet you have made a study of me.

Never believe that you’re not unique just because of those other guys.

You can be one of a million, or (you know what I always say)…

Find the ways you can speak only to my needs, those ways that no one else is even trying to. Be one *in* a million.

I’m your Ideal (Customer). There’s only one of me.

I’m wishing and hoping in ways I didn’t know I could, since I learned about you. There’s a hole in my heart. And you’re the only one I need.

Are you still playing the field? Or are you ready to be The Only Solution for the one Ideal Customer that only you can satisfy?


Grow and be well,

Kelly Erickson

P.S. You might as well know it now. Sometimes I look at things a bit more negatively. Don’t worry, though, because you and I—we’re going to have a happy ending.