Escape route

Sometimes I think the life of a truck driver must be pretty nice. Long, long drives with the radio or utter silence for company… I love a long drive. When I’ve just got to think, or not think, nothing works for me like driving until I have arrived at the exact center of nowhere.

Realists among you might point out that truck drivers also work very hard. Well, yes, fine. But in my romantic view, it must be pretty nice to be a long-haul trucker.

So I took a long drive the other day. Lots of thoughts to collect, lots of quiet thinking and loud singing, me and the road, old friends together.

When I was maybe half way to nowhere I stopped in a parking lot across from a baseball field for a spell. Stared at the sky. Stared at nothing. Closed my eyes a while.

When I opened ’em I saw this sign:

Heavens Law billboard, PA

Lawfirm billboard outside ballfield, not-quite-nowhere, Pennsylvania

I’ll leave you to think about what kind of client the sign might attract, whether it’s a good thing or a bad thing, etc.

Proves one thing: naming can make a huge difference. Smith just wouldn’t give you the same thoughts, would it?

(And yes, that really is the principal’s name. Nice bit of luck, that, but with good naming you can make your own luck just as simply.)

It was perfect timing for me. I could use a little bit of Heavens today.


Grow and be well,

Kelly Erickson