It’s certainly not all a numbers game

It’s coming up in conversations with clients over and over again these days.

“What will your customers gladly pay for?” I ask of almost everyone as we start our discussions to fine-tune their business direction.

Guaranteed results, they say.

The talk goes straight to those results. Folks will pay you money if they’ll make money from working with you, so goes the theory.

Well, many of my clients do make money as a result of working with me. And I agree, money talks pretty loudly. I’m the first to recommend laying out results in terms of dollars and cents if you can, though other numbers are great, too:

  • Money made
  • Money saved
  • Time saved
  • Productivity gained
  • Extra widgets produced
  • Fewer widgets buggered
  • More eyeballs on site or visitors to shop
  • More clickthroughs
  • Fewer abandoned carts (real-life or online…)

All fine numbers. All ways of looking at cash, really. And those numbers do help ring the cash register—yours, and mine too. By all means, track any numbers you can to demonstrate your value. (If you can, get satisfied clients to talk about your numbers. Even better.)

But what if it’s not really the numbers?

Guaranteed results, they say.

There’s something else we want. More than we want the results, I believe. We want the guarantee.

Perhaps your business doesn’t lend itself to a literal, money-back, iron-clad guarantee. That’s all right. I don’t think, generally speaking, we want our money back. Getting our money back is a mighty large hassle. It’s a nice safety net if you can offer it but it’s not where I’d put the focus.

What will we gladly give up our dollars for?


So you don’t have to be a shop with a money-back guarantee, and you don’t have to provide a product or a service that makes your customers money, to give them what they really want.

It’ll take some deep thought and some fine wording, but whether your business puts cash back in customers’ pockets or not you have the ability to provide the guarantee we need.

How do you provide certainty?

Find that, and you’ll have a brand-new way to connect with your customer. Guaranteed.


Grow and be well,

Kelly Erickson