Shh… 1 addiction and 7 brand-new secrets I’ll bet you can get ideas from, today

I don’t let too many people in on the deepest workings of my mind, nor on the details of what I do when I’ve stolen a moment away from creating great customer experiences for my clients.

My private life is my business. My addictions… *shudders* … you don’t want to go there.

Well, I’m breaking down that wall around my innermost secrets, for only a day.

Folks, I’m addicted—and I don’t want your help at all.

Creative Copy Challenge came into being only a few short weeks ago, and I’m completely hooked. The premise: whenever they feel like it, the wonderful Sean Platt and Shane Arthur, and the quiet but incredible coder David Wright, write a blog post containing 10 random words or phrases. In the comment section, you take all ten and write a story tying them together.

If you’re a wordsmith, a writer, a creative type, a humorist, a daredevil, a poet, or a puzzle-lover, this site is for you, too. And for as long as no one invents a 12-step program, we can both be happily, guiltlessly addicted.

Yeah! Are you with me?

As often happens, that’s not what this post is about

This post is about Maximum Customer Experience! So how are Shane and Sean (try saying that ten times fast) and David so quickly creating a rabid following among the likes of Ari Herzog, Sonia Simone, James Chartrand, Jeff Sexton, and now you?

Recreate this if you can

1. Crazy-simple premise, which must take almost no time to maintain now that it’s going. (It’s also simple for readers to jump in and out without feeling like they have to commit to it.) Warning: The “easiest” things are the hardest things to come up with.

2. Easy-to-remember name. Plus their initials make it obvious for a fan to nickname them CCC without thinking too hard (a nickname helps when raving about them), which brings me to…

3. No participation = no site. This is the ultimate involvement device. Enthusiastic fans are creating their site, one comment at a time, so they’d better find some fans…

4. It pays to have friends. Though I was not personally invited, I found out about the site because I check in on Sean periodically to see what he’s up to at Writer Dad (always something amazing), and lo, he’s got a new site, so I check it out, and all sorts of folks are already jazzed about this baby blog! There’s a great community building up quickly, yet naturally at CCC, but I suspect from its fast start that some personal invitations got things rolling. The important point about this is: if you can get a leg up from old connections, whether it’s through blogs, Twitter, or a former job of yours, don’t be afraid to do it. And, um, be nice. (I didn’t have to say that, did I?) People love to help out nice people like themselves.  🙂

5. It’s a writers’-block-preventer! It’s a mental jog! It’s a puzzle to solve! It’s a great way to slack off without guilt, because you’ll still feel productive! It’s addictive to do, it’s entertaining to read! It slices, it dices, and it chews your food for you! I know, I’m always reminding you to focus on doing one thing. CCC is doing that. They are providing one highly focused Ideal Solution, but remarkably, people see that Ideal Solution from a lot of different angles, including two I left out because they’re the Holy Grails of Customer Experience…

6. It’s a dare! Sure, they’re nice guys and they used the word “Challenge,” but we all know what they’re saying, folks. They’re saying “betcha can’t.” And there is no better way to get people to jump in and yell “yes I can!” than to challenge them.

7. It’s a chance to show off! Hard to underestimate this factor. Not a lot of real-world products have it (Lexus? Apple?), and even fewer online sources can provide it. I read Seth Godin, but it’s kind of hard to show off about that. (Best Godin-reader, anyone?) I comment all over the blogosphere, and you probably do, too, and lots of folks tweet, run around on facebook, etc., but showing off in most places is considered bragging. Welcome to one place where you can try to top yourself or hope to do something better than anyone else is doing that day and get a half-dozen pats on the back if you succeed.

New addiction in two words: Deceptively Simple. (Ack! Not ten?)

Creative Copy Challenge is truly the stuff that good-guy successes are made of. Part luck, part hard work, part years of building relationships with people who want to help spread the word about you. Lightning in a bottle. Try to recreate their success at your own peril—or just take a couple of elements, and start incorporating them into your own Maximum Customer Experience right away.

If you haven’t taken a trip over to Creative Copy Challenge yet, what are you waiting for? After you’ve wandered around and begun your own addiction, come on back and share—what else do you think is helping CCC to create a great Experience for their community?


Grow and be well,

Kelly Erickson