Wednesday Words

To Go Where Your VisionPoints, a few inspiration points for you and your business.

Sometimes opportunity knocks,
but most of the time it sneaks up
and then quietly steals away.
—Doug Larson

I admit it: I’m a huge fan of silence. Always have been. This quotation has been sitting in my collection for many years, reminding me of one of the most important uses of a deep silence—it’s a great time to lay your ear down on the ground and listen for what’s coming.

This is the year to put your ear to the ground, folks. Last year, there were too many horses galloping by in every which way. You couldn’t have made out the signs. This year is different. What’s coming is going to be good for your business, if you’re positioned to grab the reins.

Have a startup business in mind? Bootstrap. Keep the day job. Find creative ways to test it out.

Ready to grow? There will never be a better time, while many of your competitors are still sleeping, to ramp up your Customer Experience. Make the investments you need to right now, whether in time, money, or staff. I’m taking my own advice on that one in several ways (though the efforts are still behind the scenes, she says mysteriously).

Listen! Opportunities are all over the place right now. When they sneak up, greet ‘em with a grin, and don’t let ‘em steal away again this year.


Grow and be well,

Kelly Erickson