Shocking, I know…

So instead of asking your customers to break their habits in order to do business with you, a much more solid growth strategy for your business would be to find a habit the Ideal Customer already has, and become part of helping them to enjoy their habit.

We don’t want folks to stop buying their snowboards from XYZ and buy from us. We want folks to be able to do the flips they’ve always dreamed of, and only our boards have the revolutionary technology to make those moves accessible even to occasional snowboarders. Flips, not flops.*

Take a look at the Experience you provide, upside-down, and fill in the blanks:

We don’t want folks to stop patronizing [our competitor] and buy from us;

we want them to [do the thing they already do or try to do]. We make their habit [possible/successful/unbelievably-rockin-better].

What would happen if you stopped trying to change your customer’s behavior? How do you enable a habit your Ideal Customer already has?


Grow and be well,

Kelly Erickson


*To all you real snowboarders out there, I apologize for my giddy Vancouver Olympics-inspired example, no doubt full of an outsider’s guffaw-inducing fake-terminology. Thanks for your indulgence.