Worldviews, cynical views, and contrarian views

More thoughts on habits, and packaging your ideas to fit with the customer’s worldview instead of trying to change their worldview to “make” them want you…

Buying a (quick-fix no-work prepackaged) “solution” is way easier than solving the problem.

Even if you know what the real solution is, it allows you to forestall necessary actions and pretend you are moving forward. Sadly, motion ≠ forward motion, but we convince ourselves it does all the time.

And everybody loves thinking they’ve found a cheat.

Something to ponder for yourself, but also for your products or services. It might sound a bit cynical, but you can take advantage of that simple fact and save yourself a lot of banging-your-head-on-the-wall. In the comments earlier this week we talked briefly about the diet and the smoking-cessation industry, both of which are filled with companies which have accepted that we’d rather buy a solution than solve a problem—and thrive as a result.

Is it right for you? (Is it right?)

Loyal readers know I proudly make a living solving problems with my clients, so it’s not the direction I’ve gone. But there’s plenty of head-banging in the path I’ve chosen, especially when it comes to my beloved small-business clients.

And (indulge me for a moment) thinking about the larger picture, beyond your business…

Are people becoming afraid of real-world, get-off-your-duff, solutions? Were we always? Is this good news or bad news or not news?


Grow and be well,

Kelly Erickson