What taboos are holding you back?

I’ll keep this one short and sweet today, for just one reason: I’m not saying anything new.

However, I am wondering if some folks haven’t heard it in all the times they’ve read it or listened to it being said (probably not you, of course…), so here goes.

Imagine you’re my client. We’re going to have a few discussions up front about what your company offers, who you’re talking to, and why you’re the best and the only choice for them. (I’m going to support you some, and undoubtedly I’m going to shoot you down some. Hey. It’s my job.) We may talk about your current numbers (readers/ site visitors/ store visits, inquiries/ leads, sales…), and if your growth isn’t climbing at the rate you want, about how to achieve your goals for growing your business.

Did you catch it?

If your growth isn’t climbing at the rate you want.

That’s it.

I hope that my clients do know their reader/ visitor/ clicks/ leads/ sales numbers. (You do, don’t you?)

I’m more than a little surprised at how many folks have no goals for growing their business, because like I said, this is not news. (You’ve read this in a dozen books, mags, and blog articles, right?) Yet something’s holding you back.

Have you let a taboo about naming your fantasy stop you from dreaming big about your goals?

If you want to double your sales this year, you’re gonna have to say so. Out loud. At least out loud to yourself, folks. If you want to increase leads by 20%, or get to 3,000 readers on your blog, or raise your prices 10% without losing sales… you have to know your current position, think about the destination, and lay out the road map.

It may not happen—but you have to name it to aim for it.

If you haven’t even thought about what you want beyond, “I need more sales,” then you are NOT going to double your sales this year without a miracle.

And “miracle” is not a goal.

Short and sweet: Name your fantasy.

Then at least when I start talking about how you can achieve those goals, we’ll know what goals you’re aiming for.

(I’ll shoot you down later.)


Grow and be well,

Kelly Erickson


P.S. No taboos here—I’d love to hear about your fantastic goals for your business in the comments!