The Straight Truth

Everybody wants to know how to “get” a customer to want what they’re selling. How to “make” them buy. I hear it all the time from clients, and I have a simple answer:

You can’t.

That’s right, you can’t get someone to want what you sell. Because you can’t change what the customer wants, and you sure can’t change what he or she needs—not with a marketing budget the size of China.

What can you do?

When I work with clients on increasing sales we focus on one or more of these three goals. Which one would move your sales needle fastest?

  • You can get your message to a customer who didn’t know that you sell it, and who’s been looking for a new provider. Market smarter.
  • You can get your message to a customer who had no idea the product or service existed, but has been looking to solve the problem that you solve. Market louder, and clearer.
  • You can tap into a need or a want (problem) that the customer already has, and alter your offering (solution) to meet that need. Give the people what they want!

It all boils down to: Get your message to the Ideal Customer, the person who already does want what you (plan to) sell, and who wants it right now.

Don’t waste your time trying to “get” people who don’t need or want what your company sells, to change their feelings suddenly. Do your research, and plan ahead rather than shouting in the wrong direction. Find the people who do need it or want it, and change their buying behavior instead.

If your sales are not where you’d like them to be, take a few minutes to think about this today: Are you trying to get people to buy what they want from you, or to want what you’re selling to them?


Grow and be well,

Kelly Erickson