Wednesday Words

To Go Where Your VisionPoints, a few inspiration points for you and your business.

We can serve our customers well only if our buying jobs are right. You cannot sell if you haven’t ordered wanted goods into your store.
—James Cash (J.C.) Penney

My 2¢:

Retailers mostly get this basic principle, but service providers, restaurants, and people in other creative professions too often don’t.

(Ever been to a restaurant where the the chef’s attitude is “like it my way or take a hike”? Or where there are seven entrees on the menu that are so exotic that even the servers can’t remember ever selling them?)

I think the difference may be in the back store-room. From my days as a retail buyer I can tell you that backstock that doesn’t move is any retailer’s kiss of death. It’s the buyer’s kiss of death, too, come to think of it.

What if we all thought of ourselves as having unsold backstock—and worked harder to “stock” only merchandise that we know we can “move”? To ask our customers what “goods” they’re looking for when they come to the (office, café, website…) and offer that?


Grow and be well,

Kelly Erickson