Would there still be rock’n’roll?

Of course there would. There were dozens… a few dozen… probably a hundred dozen bands trying to achieve what they were trying to at that time. Some might even have had more talent. If The Beatles hadn’t been there to catch the public’s imagination first, someone else would have. It would have been different, but we wouldn’t still be swaying to Bing Crosby and Tommy Dorsey. We’d be rockin’ in some way.

If Kennedy hadn’t gotten behind the space program, would man have walked on the moon?

Of course. Maybe not “our” men. (Maybe “your” men, wherever you are.) But somebody would have gotten there. They probably still would have said something corny, too.

If Betty Friedan and Gloria Steinem weren’t such vocal and persuasive leaders of the women’s movement, would women have still have moved? Of course!

If Phil Knight’s wife didn’t own a waffle iron would we still have high-performance sneakers? You bet. Might not look the same, though…

If Steve Jobs didn’t think beautiful and usable went together, would you be sitting at a micro-computer right now? Yep. But it might be a little less beautiful.

Atari 520ST and TRS-80 from Blakespot on Flickr

Atari 520ST and TRS-80. If you remember these like I do… sorry for the flashback!

If Darren Rowse didn’t get out in front, would professional blogging still have existed (for those who really do make money at it)? Sure. Someone else would have led the charge.

I could go on…

Why are you sitting around, bemoaning the leaders you can’t be, the trends you should have been at the front of? Did Phil Knight wonder why he couldn’t invent rock’n’roll? No way.

Find the place where you can be the first champion. Don’t look behind you. You don’t have to be the best. Stand up, create a movement, and lead the charge.


Grow and be well,

Kelly Erickson