Wednesday Words

To Go Where Your VisionPoints, a few inspiration points for you and your business.

Trees don’t grow to the sky….
—Art Hogan, Jeffries & Co., 14 Sep 2010

Hogan made this comment yesterday in suggesting that the last week’s market runup and glimmer of economic enthusiasm may be all we’ll get at the moment, or perhaps all we should hope for.

Maybe trees don’t grow to the sky. But it’s thinking like this that has far too many investors, regular-old consumers, and businesspeople—especially in the small business segment that is so close to my heart—hiding and waiting for someone or something else to make the bad economy do good. I’d rather not dwell on economics here at MCE, but sometimes we should. It’s touching you. It’s touching the Experiences you’re having when you buy; it’s touching the Experiences you’re providing, when you sell. It’s got you and it’s got your customers, nagging at you or maybe even holding you by the throat, and Hogan’s statement gets at the reason we remain in a funk long after many, many indicators say that in most countries, we should be long past these economic doldrums—

Maybe trees don’t grow to the sky, but it’s worth remembering that they try to.

While we believe we can’t, and refuse (individually and en masse) to try to grow to the sky, guess what?

We won’t.


Grow (to the sky!) and be well,

Kelly Erickson