Ripped from our top secret Customer Experience files


You’d rather sleep in than open up shop

It’s not that you don’t see the clutter/ grime/ burnt-out bulbs/ peeling paint, it’s that you don’t feel like dealing with those little details that mean a lot

You lose an hour in chat with a customer who loves you and don’t make it up later on that day… or that week…

You can’t remember what ads you have going right now

& you don’t know whether your ads are effective for your business

You have a channel for customer feedback online or in-shop, but no one is in charge of reading and responding to the feedback

& no one stops to thank folks who leave positive comments

You can’t remember the last time you asked, “How did you find us?”

or the last time you asked a satisfied customer for a referral

You’ve forgotten how to: dress up at night; tempt; take cues from the birds and the bees; express your passion; make “same as it ever was,” sexy again; and how to tickle

Your last website redesign was during Web 1.0

or you (still!) don’t have a website

Your last logo redesign was during the Reagan administration

You’re doing a semi-annual sale for the 20th time this year, discounting for dollars and saying goodbye to growth

You’re winging it—hoping for better results, but without a plan that explains “better results from what?”

You’ve stopped talking other businesses up (no time! no time! no ROI!), yet you wonder why they’ve stopped talking you up

You know there are dozens of little things you could do to help your company grow, starting today, but instead of picking a few and going for it…

Hey! What are you doing instead of picking a few and going for it?

Feel free to leave a comment—what are you going to work on? Then get out and start!


Grow and be well,

Kelly Erickson

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