You’d like to Go Where Your VisionPoints… if you knew where that was…

You had one when you went into business. A point. Here at MCE we often like to call it your Vision—you know it both as my personal mantra and my business’ name. Helping you to Go Where Your VisionPoints is the point for me.

What if you’re not sure what your “point” is—or whether you ever knew it?

I’ve interviewed quite a few business owners who swear they had no Vision, even when they began in business, and I have to say, respectfully, that I never buy that. While they may not have been as interested in making a formal deal of it as I’ve been with VisionPoints, if they got started, they got started for some reason. Or, to use another of my favorite terms here at Maximum Customer Experience, for a Purpose.

If they truly did fall into it, it couldn’t have been more than a nanosecond before a reason to keep going appeared. Sorry, I just can’t believe in the “pointless business.”

Maybe it’s the worry that their Purpose wasn’t lofty enough that makes some business owners insist there was no point to their beginnings. We’ll revisit this idea in tomorrow’s post.

For today, look at the sentences below and see how many you can complete.

Finish the sentences below to start to home in on your point. The answers can be as long as you like:

Before I got into this business, people used to ask me all the time when I was going to start selling/ why didn’t I sell __________________________________________.

I thought they were nuts, until __________________________________________.

I’ve always had a genius for/ crazy liking for __________________________________________.

The reaction I love most from our customers is “__________________________________________.”

My favorite sale was made when __________________________________________.

The customer reaction I remember most was __________________________________________.

Did I hope to change the world? Reinvent the wheel? Help all humanity with some big issue? Nah. I hoped to __________________________________________. And we’re darned good at it, too.

If I could teach a class based on what I know now about serving our customers, I’d call it __________________________________________.

The best days are the ones when we __________________________________________.

I admit it, I’m only in it for __________________________________________.

I’m pretty sure my customers are only in it for __________________________________________. So we make sure we provide that, better than anyone else!

I knew we could do/ sell what we do better than anyone else was doing it when I heard __________________________________________.


When you’re done, step back (for a day or two) and look again.

Is there one that resonates with you? Is there one that could help you to connect with your customers?

Is there one that could help you connect with your own joy in doing the work that takes up the majority of your waking hours?

In the end, knowing what you’re aiming for both in terms of concrete planning and more abstract “Vision” does (as hippie as it sounds) increase your joy in your work—and bonus! it makes proving the best Customer Experience a lot easier.

Please share your answers to your favorites above in the comments below—and why do those particular ways of looking at “the point” work for you?


Grow and be well,

Kelly Erickson