and Musing, and Other Things I Generally Don’t Do Here

When it’s almost your blog-birthday, you seem to do a bit more thinking about the things you do and the things you don’t.

Or maybe that’s just me.

… …

I’ve never asked for a lot of “consumer feedback” here at MCE. This isn’t because I don’t believe in knowing your customer well (which here, would be readers), and asking for, and valuing their opinions. You know I’m huge on talking with your customers. But we have no surveys here, no “how’m I doing?” kind of questions. No turning my readers into some sort of focus group for the blog.

Just honest-to-goodness reporting “from the field,” telling you and all my wonderful readers what I see and how I apply it in the work I do, so you can go make Maximum Customer Experience work for you, too—one little idea at a time.

In part this is because I don’t believe in focus groups and other forms of generating masses of opinions. I don’t find I learn more in that way than I can with sharp eyes and educated, professional ears. In part it’s because keeping in touch with what I’m burning to tell you about keeps me burning to keep writing. (And though I reckon that sounds kinda selfish, self-motivation is bound to be… kinda selfish.)

Of course I get lots of feedback in the comment section below on individual posts, and I welcome that and cherish it! I get email feedback here and there, and enjoy that as well. It’s great to hear that folks appreciate the time I take to write articles that can be helpful to you. Your comments and perspective do help shape the future of MCE, but in more subtle ways than surveys and formal feedback would.

… …

I’ve never Tweeted or Facebooked or… whatever else one might do to stomp a huge footprint onto the “social media” scene. (Though I’ve welcomed and cherished the emails from those of you who’ve suggested this is my way to Internet mega-stardom.)

I read many blogs avidly, leave comments when I can contribute meaningfully, Stumble or leave links to other folks’ posts both here and elsewhere, and try to be a valuable member of the blogosphere in many ways, but I don’t overdo.

Like you, probably, I work a zillion hours a week. I’m also a single mom and a friend and a daughter, and sometimes I even keep our house clean. (I won’t push it on that claim.)

I think I once had hobbies.

By my count I need an extra 48 hours in every 24-hour day to do all I do up to my own standards, so I don’t add tasks to my week that I know I couldn’t give 100% to.

… …

All this means the blog has grown slowly over these 3 years, but I like to think it’s grown very meaningfully, perhaps for the same reason, and I’m just fine with that. My dear friend James Chartrand wrote one of my favorite blog posts ever on this subject some time ago, and though I’m rock-solid on why I write this B2B-2C blog and I’ve never been one to worry about “the numbers,” picturing you out in that audience every day has been a poignant image for me ever since.

I reckon my social media efforts are about the same as my real-world efforts: Imperfect, but full of heart. And guts. And brains.

… …

I also don’t take time to do a lot of “just musing” kind of posts here—there are plenty of places to get that on the www, and you came here for advice that’s a bit more tangible.

(Or that’s what I reckon you came here for… because I don’t do surveys, y’know…)

So I reckon this is one of those “just musing” posts. The blog you are subscribed to, or perhaps reading for the first time (Thank You!), is one of the longest-running sources for Customer Experience information on the web. My don’t-burn-out style—write what I see, what will help you best, don’t bend too far in the winds of the web, and don’t stretch myself too thin—is probably one of the keys to being around for so long.

So don’t expect a lot of shifts in that strategy over the next 3 years. (Unless I hit the “big time” when you Tweet all your friends about how essential the MCE Blog is to your business’ success, and I get 50,000 new readers this month and start surveying them for what they want to see in our blog…)

For now, we’ll just say that as usual, I’m humbled by and grateful for your kind attention. I reckon you already knew that.

I might not do surveys or Tweet my joy thrice daily, but I assure you, I know that you, dear reader and spreader of wonderful word-of-mouth, are an essential part of this blog’s success. Thanks.


Grow and be well,

Kelly Erickson


P.S. To all my friends and readers north of the border, Happy Thanksgiving. Have a great long weekend, y’all!