If I needed to scratch my head…

Dear Reader,

A snapshot.


Personalized recommendations

Of the “personalized” recommendations sent to me via email by my mega-bookstore of choice, hours after using their rewards card to buy two videos.


The two movies were My Fair Lady and The Greatest Game Ever Played. Non-film-buffs, please feel free to use the links provided to get the full har-har effect.

Or is that, the full what-the-heck effect?*

If you, dear reader, are rewarding loyal customers…

make sure your rewards make some darned sense.


Grow and be well,

Kelly Erickson


*In case you’re wondering if they were reaching back in my ordering history, I can assure you that the most violent thing I own in my video collection is Olivier’s Hamlet and the scariest thing on my bookshelf is probably about child rearing. Um, no.