A few of the things that are in my conversations and on my mind right now…

Are you struggling for direction, or struggling to accept the direction you’re aimlessly aiming in?

Are you really afraid of the new move, or afraid of what someone else thinks of it?

Have you dodged a bullet this year (this month, this week…), or have you only delayed it?

Do you have jitters now? Or is it easier to admit to being indecisive now, even though that’s always been you?

Are you wishing for a safety net to plop down from the sky… not realizing you’ve got to make your own?

When you turn your fears over and over in your mind, do you know you’re making them worse? Why not get active and stop giving them so much play?

Are you losing steam, or gaining stodgy intractability?

How will you turn your struggles around?


Grow and be well,

Kelly Erickson