“You have a beautiful day, now.”

Nice, huh? Hard not to have… at least a few beautiful minutes after you hear that. No matter what interference the world throws at you.

It happens to be the parting catchphrase of one of the servers at a restaurant I go to fairly often. Since I’ve been a bit down on restaurant Experience this week, I thought we might end on a better note.

The folks who hired him got it right. Though he’s the only one I’ve noticed here with a catchphrase, at this place they have a knack for hiring people who put a warm, personal touch into their franchise’s routines.

He’s got it right—and he knows it. Everyone I’ve seen treated to that catchphrase beams instant-feedback at him with absolutely zen smiles. Making it easier to keep on doing it right…

In a totally unscientific poll of customers (I asked a few on their way out, “Don’t you love it when he says that?”), I heard people say that they go out of their way to come to this place because of their staff. You might occasionally go out of your way for food, but these days driving farther for service is a mighty high compliment.

When you make your Experience into a treat, customers give back with relief, joy, and loyalty.

You, dear reader? You go see if you can add a bit of your personal warmth to your Customer Experience today.

And you have a beautiful day, now.



Grow and be well,

Kelly Erickson