Give and Take? Or Give and Give?

In a troubled marriage, each partner may think that they do all the giving and none of the receiving.

Rarely, of course, is either one entirely right.

In a troubled business, you may think you do all of the giving (of expertise, of service, of excellent quality goods as I’m sure yours are) and not enough of the receiving (of money, of loyalty).

In a troubled economy, your customer may think they do all of the giving (of time driving to your shop or cruising your website, of patience with service that misses the mark, of money) and not enough of the receiving (of goods and services that go beyond satisfaction to Deliver Delight—in whatever way the customer means that, which they believe, for their money, you should intuit).

Rarely, of course, is either view entirely right.

Seems like there are a lot of “resentful” businesses out there, acting like they have done as much as they’re darn-well gonna to earn the affections of the public. If you ever find yourself resenting having to go the extra mile for customers, just remember….

Only one of you has to hold the “marriage” of business and customer together to survive.

The customer is free to go out and get a new partner the very next time they have a dollar to spare. So if you want to stop their leaving, you’re going to have to see it their way.


Grow and be well,

Kelly Erickson