Wednesday Words

To Go Where Your VisionPoints, a few inspiration points for you and your business.

… if you’re trying to make an omelette, and someone comes along and tells you that you’re not making a frittata right, who’s wrong?

Never be deaf to outside advice, but also never let your vision be compromised when you’re sure you’re locked on. YOU set the changes to that vision, and work from that.
Chris Brogan [from his Human Business Works newsletter “Five in the Morning,” 9 Dec 2010]

As many times as we’ve talked about your Vision here at MCE… finding it, refining it, inspiring staff to feel it… I never get tired of hearing about how other folks struggle with (and make the most of) their own Vision. Chris (one of my favorite Visionaries, in the best MCE-sense of the term) is in the middle of many projects as he always is, but with one in particular it’s not his Vision that’s the issue—it’s conveying it to others.

So what I enjoyed about this Vision-musing of his, is his sure-footedness—and the thing he missed.

If you’re trying to make an omelette, but your description keeps making it sound like a frittata to your audience, is it your fault or theirs when they’re not hungry for what you’re serving?

Chris says keep making the omelette if you’re sure about it, and I agree. (Oh boy, do I agree!) But it’s also true that if you’re gonna sell it, you’re gonna have to get better at communicating what it is.

Never accept that your Vision is honed as well as it could be, until your sales are exactly as strong as you want ‘em to be.


Grow and be well,

Kelly Erickson


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