Wish I’d Thought of This One


Curves ad - Free wildly effective week!

Sponsor’s banner ad that popped up on my screen today


Oh, yeah! Okay, I don’t need one (a free wildly effective week at Curves, the chain of gyms for women), but I have to admit I want one.

This is a deceptively simple and totally brilliant addition to the same ol’, same ol’.

Free week at a gym in January? As common as the common cold.

A free wildly effective week?

Lordy, every busy person in the universe wants to be wildly effective, even if it is for just a week! I had to stop and take a closer look!

Why “deceptively simple and totally brilliant”?

“All” they did was add two words to the advert every one of their competitors is no doubt running right now.

To make those two words punchy, fun, and packed with urgency (not to mention almost completely devoid of any icky association with exercising—in a banner ad for a gym!), in a language with millions of words to choose from?

It may have taken them months.

Hats off to you, Curves. It’s all in those (sweet) details.


Grow and be well,

Kelly Erickson