Wish I’d Thought of This One

Target Now Hiring banner

Image of Target “Now Hiring” banner by Sarah Gilbert (cafemama on flickr).


Workplace Counselors?

Richard Chaifetz’s ComPsych is supplying Target and other stores with on-site workplace counselors, described as “a social worker crossed with a reference librarian.”

Target “aims to cut absenteeism and high staff turnover by helping workers with problems such as financial stress and poor health.”

Click here to listen to the podcast from Thursday’s Marketplace Morning Report from American Public Media. (A great story in just over 2 minutes.)

More staff who are happier, less distracted on the job, and feel more proud of and loyal to their jobs. It’s what every employer, big-business or small-business, needs. Why?

Of course it creates Maximum Employee Experience, which is a wonderful end in itself. But you know the funny thing about being good to your staff is that they’ll turn around and do good for your customers. ComPsych’s built a wonderful tool for employers to do good all around and benefit (profit!) as a company as well.

If you’re not one of the Big Boys like MCE’s favorite discount retailer Target, able to provide big services like on-site counseling, you can still take a page out of their book.

Even with a gesture as small as flexibility, if your employees know you’re solidly behind them when they need to get through their personal “stuff,” they can’t even dream of going off to some other cold, impersonal employer. And that means they wouldn’t dream of treating your customers coldly, either. Win-win-win!


Grow and be well,

Kelly Erickson