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To Go Where Your VisionPoints, a few inspiration points for you and your business.

Adam and I got to talking last week after I threw a fit on twitter that ‘wah wah wah no one comments on blogs anymore.’

The truth is, I try – but I don’t get to every blog because half the time I’m reading them in the car, on my phone, while barreling down the highway to school. OH I KID. I read your blog while I’m on the toilet.

Which means, I rarely comment because I’m usually reading from my phone. Because my phone autocorrects “I love this post” to “Olive Thespo” and things like that.

So we were thinking that we should plant some seeds of love on our friends’ blogs by commenting on at least 10 blogs a day, leaving a genuine comment, and make others feel good. If you’re a blogger, you know how crappy it feels to write into the void, while people joke about bacon and cupcakes on Twitter and your itty bitty post is being ignored.

It’s not that people are ignoring you, it’s just that Twitter is too fast and no one can keep up! (Because they are stupid, I know. But don’t say that to people or you’ll have no friends commenting on your blog.)

—Karen Sugarpants, Ten a Day

Because sometimes we just need to go off-topic.

Or maybe it’s on-topic… leaving comments on other people’s blogs is the courtly olde way of telling them they’re providing you with Maximum (Reader) Experience, after all. You can say it’s all very 2009, and I’ll say it’s stunningly New-Millennium, and we’ll both be right.

I do hope you’ll click through to Karen’s Ten a Day post… not because there’s a lot more to read on that post—forgive me, Karen, it was so fun and funny I had a hard time deciding where to stop quoting you—but because you’ll probably find her blog a deeply personal and delightfully snarky use of your lunch break. Or of your afternoon…

And if you’ve got a coffee break to kill as well, please visit Adam P. Knave’s Ten a Day post, click around his blog, and get lost in his outpourings as well… I admit to laughing until I worried that I might be scaring the neighbors on a couple of his posts. (There may have been snorting involved, as well. Ay-yi! He’s got a fabulously skewed take on things, what can I say?)

When you’re done with all these breaks you’re taking, take one more, and do like the sign says. Leave some comments on blogs you love this week, party like it’s 2009, and tell some folks that even though it may take more than 140 characters, they’re among your own personal Inspiration Points.

Ten a Day: Spending a Week Telling 10 People a Day You Think They Rock

Pass it on: Courtly-retro-blog-commenting-manners are all the rage.


Grow and be well,

Kelly Erickson