Beginning Word-of-Mouth, Part 3

If you gotta have it, and can’t wait to talk about it, it’s because it’s worth talking about.

Seems simple enough! Let’s go home.

Not so fast…

The 3 Best Paths to Talk-ability

  • Fun-Easy-Outrageous-Youthful-Hip-Quick-Inexpensive-Treat

(McDonald’s. An iPad. The Onion. Charlie Sheen.)

  • Expensive-Exclusive-Difficult-Super rare-Exquisite-Astonishing-Status symbol

(Hummers [in their day]. Priuses. Service at Neiman-Marcus.)

  • Cures something horrible-Saves something essential-Makes sense of URGENT legal or health or safety matters

(Your surgeon. Your lawyer. Your tax preparer.)

What do they all have in common? The person who spreads the WOM gets to be the hero for a minute to the person they’re talking with.

You probably can’t be in more than one category at a time, unless, as with the iPad or maybe the Prius, you’re seen by different customers as different things.

Shoot for one path to talkability. Find right talkers, the ones who want to be that WOM hero, and reward your heroes. (Hint—your best Propheteers are not always your best shoppers. More on talkers next week.) Make it easy for them to see how you fit into their conversations, and then stand back.

How is what you’re selling talk-able?


Grow and be well,

Kelly Erickson