Dear Reader,

(Most Dear Reader letters, I enjoy writing. This one, not so much…)

I’d hoped for a quick resolution and back-to-normal, but I reckon the time has come to admit that I’ve been given a couple of extra balls to juggle (don’t worry, loyal follower of MCE, both The Kid and I are in good health), and it’s clear that it’s taking a toll on my writing.

🙂  A little understatement for you.

The well hasn’t run dry—there are so many ideas I’d still like to share here—but something’s got to give. So for the next little while, the Maximum Customer Experience blog is on hiatus.

In the meantime there is, I notice while contemplating this post, a wealth of information hiding in these archives. You might start with the Best of right there in the sidebar and get energized by those ideas and then move on to the rest. You’ll find that over the years at least two or three books’ worth of information for making customers sing your praise and for making more money in your small business has been given away, for free, in bite-sized chunks at the MCE blog. Plenty to keep you busy whenever you’re feeling stuck or uninspired!!

And please don’t be shy! If you’d like to work with me on creating your own Maximum Customer Experience, you should definitely click through to our Website Audit and Web Experience Solution and we’ll get started. Right now is a great time to work on changing your business for the better—and helping you to grow your business is one ball I am always glad to juggle!


Until next time, grow and be well!

Kelly Erickson