Do you want your website or blog to get you noticed, attract prospects, and help you make sales?

There’s one question we get asked all the time by savvy business people who want to know what they can do right now to make their website into the 24/7 salesperson they “hired” it to be.

“Why aren’t we making more money?”

I’ve got a crazy-simple answer for you: If customers look at your site and say, “Yes! That’s exactly what I need,” you’ll make the sale.

If they think anything less, they’ll leave.

One visitor might think your site is confusing and hit that Back button, never to be seen again. Another might think your design reflects an attitude she doesn’t like. A third might be so misled by your copywriting that he thinks you provide a completely different product or service than the one you offer.

And if the visitor does know what you sell? He or she may not even know how to go about buying it.

Click! Customers coming! Are you ready?

Hi! I’m Kelly Erickson, owner of VisionPoints and author of Maximum Customer Experience. I’m here to help you change the way customers see your business, starting now, with our exclusive Website Audit and Web Experience Solution.

Whether you’re a do-it-yourselfer at wits’ end, looking for direction, or a busy business owner who wants a full-service solution, we’ve got you covered.

We help you make sure your customers see what you see—a fantastic company worth hiring or buying from immediately.

You’re leading a great company into the murky waters of the Internet. You’ve got to make connections with new prospects and grow your sales to existing customers. You know you’re perfectly suited to their needs. The problem is, your customers don’t see that.

Right now, your website is losing money and you don’t even know it.

When you look at your website you see your moneymaker. Your pride and joy. All the hard work that went into it and all your expectations for it.

I know. When you put up your website, you thought it looked and sounded great. You paid good money for it. But your potential customers don’t seem to care. Today you are still waiting to see some good old Return on Website! And every day it’s costing you sales.

“How the heck would we know what customers are thinking? And what can we do about it?”

If you’re looking to boost clicks, readers, and sales at your website, it’s time to get not just inside the mind of your Ideal Customer, but deep into their needs, wants, and buying motivations—with guided user testing, expert analysis, and a roadmap to recharge your site so it sells like never before.

Then you’ll know why you aren’t making the sales you want—and you’ll know just what to do about it.

Take charge of your site—within your budget—with a custom Website Audit, to help you create Maximum Customer Experience on your website at your own pace, or get Return on Website right away with a complete Web Experience Solution.

Click to go right to the section you need, or read on—find out how each package can bring in prospects and make more sales, and decide for yourself.

Website Audit
Web Experience Solution
Frequently Asked Questions


VisionPoints’ Exclusive Website Audit: See your site as others see it. Get action steps to create a great Customer Experience. Jump-start your growth.

Find out what your site visitors and your potential customers really think of your business. Learn how they move through your site, what they’re thinking and what they really need to become your loyal customers.

The results will stun you.

Stuck, discouraged, and need to know what improvements to make? If your web sales and traffic are flat or falling, or you’re ready to take sales to the next level, our Audit gets you ready to make the most critical fixes right away.

The Website Audit is designed for clients who:

Need professional help pushing through a stall or getting ready for growth

Understand that “pretty” isn’t the ruler to measure a site by—plenty of ugly stuff sells like hotcakes—but want to know how real users are viewing their design, how they’re using the site, and what they’re thinking

Want a simple, step-by-step plan to increase their visitors—and sales—on the web

What you’ll get in your Audit:

Analysis of your concept, your Ideal Customer, and a revealing look at your competition’s strengths

A full examination of your sales process, design issues, and most important, site usability

User testing, with testers hand-selected to evaluate the effectiveness of your site. These completely unscripted tests from the point of view of your potential customer will change the way you see your site

How to put everything to work: Our top recommendations cover improvements, suggestions and enhancements you can put to work for you to make the most difference right away

Plus tweaks for “when you get to it,” including search engine optimization (SEO) ideas, pricing thoughts, and more—to take your site from Maybe all the way to Wow!

With your Website Audit in hand you’ll finally know:

Are you nailing the concept as it stands

Who your Ideal Customer is, and if you build it will they care

How do you compare in the market

What improvements you should make immediately, to greatly improve your website’s ability to pull in new customers for you!

Right now your sales are going nowhere and you need a plan. Let us dig in, sneak around to your competition, and bring in our secret weapons, the user-testers, to create a plan that works for you.

If we know it’ll help you make more sales, we make sure you know about it too.

Get started with your Website Audit today and in about 2 weeks you’ll be ready to kick your site into high gear! Just use the contact form at the right side of this page to get in touch, or click this link to email me, Kelly Erickson, and say, “I’m ready for my Website Audit!”

Website Audit:
Our expert assessment positions you for success at a budget-friendly $449


Web Experience Solution: Expert evaluation, and execution, too—the changes you need, to drive business results going forward!

Sure, you know something’s wrong with your website. You’d love to see the results of your Audit but let’s face it: when will you make time for the changes you need to grow? With the Web Experience Solution, we’ll take care of everything, and our in-depth audit is only the beginning.

We know the best ways to get your website to show off what you really do. We’ll take that list of top recommendations and turn them into the changes you need for Maximum Customer Experience! Exactly what you need—a great image, easy navigation, and more customers ready to buy than ever before.

The Web Experience Solution is designed for clients who:

Need to see bottom-line results start happening fast

Enjoy the confidence that comes with a ready-to-use, professionally crafted solution to their web conversion issues

Want to work in their business much more than they need to fuss with their business

What you’ll get:

The same thorough audit, nitpicking, and analysis as in our Website Audit, with even more in-depth evaluation of your sales process

Deeper reviews of competitors’ sales processes: how do they capture the prospect’s attention? Where do they excel—and critically, how can you shine all on your own, with a laser focus on the Ideal Solution you provide that no one else does?

A super-targeted rewrite of your sales process and your copy, reformulating your offer if needed to make it unstoppably appealing to your Ideal Customer

Your complete, revised process, offers, and copy: plug your new copy in to your site and start seeing those results!

After revamping your sales process with the Web Experience Solution you’ll:

Quickly grab your Ideal Customer’s attention with exactly the concepts that motivate them to buy

Stop spinning your wheels with customers who aren’t a good fit for your company

End buyer confusion, with clear paths to contact or purchase from you

Have a road map going forward—now you’ll always see your online presence through your potential customer’s eyes

If you could convince just one more person to do business with you, what would that be worth to you?

We’re positive we can convince a lot more than one person that your business is worth it. So why not give it a try?

Our Web Experience Solution service pays for itself—you’ll convert more visitors, gain more customers and make more sales. Click here to email me now, or use the short contact form at the right side of this page, and we’ll schedule your Web Experience Solution today.

Web Experience Solution:
Needs assessed, fixes ready to go! Our full-service solution starts at only $1149


Got questions? Easy answers about your Website Audit or Experience Solution:

“When can we start?”

We usually require about a one-week lead time before we can schedule your Audit or Experience Solution. After that, you’ll receive your completed project in 1–2 weeks.

When we schedule the project we give you an estimated date of delivery, and I’m proud to say we’re often able to deliver early!


“How will we work together?”

With VisionPoints’ exclusive services geared toward maximizing your customers’ online Experience, we’ve made working with us as simple as possible for you.

1. When you’re ready to proceed, simply email me or use the short contact form at the right side of this page, to let me know which package to schedule you for. Be sure to include your website’s url (address) so we can get a head start!

For a Website Audit we’ll send you an invoice no later than the close of the following business day; for the Web Experience Solution, we’ll ask a few questions to clarify your site’s needs, and send an invoice when we’ve agreed on the scope of the project. The invoice will arrive at about the same time as an email that might sound quite a bit like these FAQs. (I know you’re too excited about getting started right now to take notes on the particulars. No problem!) When we’ve received your payment, agreeing to go forward, we’ll get started like this:

2. You send us as long an email as you’d like, with the site’s name, purpose, Ideal Customer… anything you want us to know. We keep this part informal so we can get to the heart of how you see your site today.

3. We’ll make our “fresh eyes” assessments, including taking a look at the site with your purpose/ concept in mind, and with a customer’s purpose in mind, sneak around to a couple of similar sites, and other research as necessary.

4. Next, we conduct three user tests, to get perspective from the point of view of potential clients.

5. You’ll receive a nice, long email (we’ll save the Earth and skip the postal service), breaking all this information down for you into simple categories:

Part one: Our evaluation

—Concept: Are you nailing it?

—Ideal Customer: Who’s with you and who’s not

—Competition: Where your customers really turn if you can’t grab them and convince them

—Usability: Can we get around, do what you want us to, and give you money or give you contact info

—Web design: We’ll talk web aesthetics briefly, especially if it’s getting in the way

—Tweaks: The little details that can add up to big gains for you

Part two: User tests

Part three: Top recommendations for immediate improvements

For the Web Experience Solution, we’ll perform a much more complex audit, and you’ll also receive:

Part four: Rewritten sales process and copy, now working harder for you, with reformulated packages if needed (to sell better and upsell better)

You’re ready to profit from your new, customer-oriented sales process in about two weeks from when we start!


“How do you bill me for my eye-opening Website Audit or Web Experience Solution?”

It’s really easy. We’ll invoice you through PayPal after you’ve emailed to let us know you’re ready to proceed.

A Website Audit currently runs $449 USD, which we accept in advance. For the Web Experience Solution, a 50% deposit is accepted upon agreement; the remaining 50% is due before we deliver your completed solution.

Email exchanges for two weeks following delivery are completely free.


“What if I have questions after I’ve got my finished project in hand?”

We ask that you review your Audit or Solution upon delivery, and for two weeks after delivery we’d be glad to answer your questions as you explore and put our recommendations in place.

We’ve never put a cap on how many emails you can send back and forth to clarify, to say “what about this?” or make sure you’re on track as you implement changes. It usually seems to take about two or three emails back and forth, so if it was twenty, I’d probably start to look at you funny. But I’d still be open to it, because I wouldn’t want you to feel like you didn’t understand some part of what we sent.

We want you to be completely satisfied with your Audit or Solution, so you can zoom forward with a revamped online Customer Experience.


“I still have this one, little question…”

Sure! If there’s anything else I can answer for you, please email me. If for any reason you can not see that link, the address is kellye (at) visionpoints (dot) net.


We know you’re a great company. The problem is, your customers don’t.

We’re ready to uncover what you can do right now to change the way your customers think about your business. With our changes in place, your customers will see you’re professional, perfectly suited to their needs, and enjoyable to work with. When they see, clearly and plainly, that you offer the solution they need, they’ll buy.

Are you ready to see some good old Return on Website? Fill out the short contact form at the right side of this page, or click here to email me, and let’s start looking at how to maximize visitors and sales on your website now!


Best wishes for you and your growing business,


Kelly Erickson