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Who, What, Where, Why?

Hi! I’m Kelly Erickson, Owner and Creative Director of VisionPoints, The Experience Designers. We’re located in the Brandywine Valley north of Wilmington, Delaware, about 25 minutes from fabulous Philadelphia, PA. We specialize in strategic, integrated interior and graphic design for your firm.

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If you’re a small- to medium-sized business owner, manager, or other stakeholder, this blog is for you!

I started VisionPoints because I’m obsessed with your success—and in these pages you’ll see just how useful a good obsession can be.

I believe in good design. I believe in measuring, proving, and growing real numbers with good design.

I have a background in management, interior and graphic design, and market research. Putting my experience together for my clients is a great way to make a living. : )

Improve your Customer Experience and you will improve your bottom line

I recommend the Experience Design 101 series as a starting point. This series of posts is designed to give you the basic terms, tips, and examples to really dig in to Experience Design.

What Gets Me up in the Morning?

I’ve learned the most from working for a few spectacular failures, which taught so much about proactive involvement in engineering growth. They fueled my desire to share my expertise through VisionPoints and now, through the MCE Blog.

Yes, growth has to be engineered, in a sense; unless you get very lucky, it doesn’t just happen without a Vision and a way to Go Where Your VisionPoints.

With this blog, I’d like to give insights based on work we do at VisionPoints, issues I see when I’m out and about, and any tips I can so what’s spectacular about your firm is your success.

I’ve got a sense of humor and I’m not afraid to use it! I have attempted to be careful, as so many writing gurus will suggest, but my philosophy is to write this blog as I used to write letters to friends and family. (Remember letters?) So watch out! I plan to attempt (and occasionally fail at) just a touch of wit for the business world.

Pet Peeves?

Design work for business that doesn’t grow the business. Lack of strategy, research, and integration in marketing efforts that throw dollars out your window.

Good commercial design is not an arbitrary decorative art. It’s an essential tool for the success of any business venture. It requires solid research—and there’s no doubt it can deliver bottom-line results.

It’s All in the Details… yet Less is More…

I attended the University of Massachusetts, Amherst, MA, with majors in English and Spanish. I hold a BFA in Interior Design, with concentration in Graphic Design, from Drake University, Des Moines, IA.

What’s it all about? I have an absolute passion for helping other business owners and leaders to Go Where Your VisionPoints.

My aim for the blog is to get good conversations started that increase everyone’s understanding of Experience Design, so comments are welcome.

Thanks for taking a look. I hope you’ll take away lots of great ideas for your business and help create a community here at the Maximum Customer Experience Blog.

Read on, write back, and Go Where Your VisionPoints.

Grow and be well,

Kelly Erickson

P.S. Are you ready to grow?

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